Grey Gentleman's Windproof Umbrella
Grey Gentleman's Windproof Umbrella
Grey Gentleman's Windproof Umbrella
Grey Gentleman's Windproof Umbrella

Grey Gentleman's Windproof Umbrella

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Grey gentleman's windproof umbrella selling points


✔ Traditional wood handle — the umbrella is equipped with a luxurious natural oak wood crook handle, fitting for a true gentleman. The durable handle feels exquisite and looks amazing.

✔ Windproof design — the umbrella has 16 enforced fiberglass ribs along with a solid fiberglass shaft. The strong design ensures the umbrella can handle winds up to 44mph or 20m/s.

✔ Reliable open & close — the umbrella comes with reliable functionality. Like all traditional umbrellas, this one has a flawless manual open and close function.

✔ High-quality fabric — the textile material is made of 210T high-density pongee cloth with a water-repelling coating. It is UPF 50+ certified and offers extensive protection from rain, wind, and sun. 

Grey gentleman's windproof umbrella display from three angles

The grey windproof gentleman's umbrella offers a unique and traditional experience. With a luxurious wooden oak handle and an open width of 47.5" or 120cm, the umbrella is able to outshine its competition easily. In addition, the skeleton consists of a 38.6" or 98cm long fiberglass shaft and 16 enforced ribs, providing excellent assets for stormy weather. At the very top is the 210 thread count pongee fabric with a UPF 50+ rating that offers the best protection against rain, wind, and sun. With a manual function to open & close, the umbrella is among the most reliable on the market.


Among the key features of the umbrella is its oak wood handle. It consists of natural refined oak wood with a brushed surface. The vegan leather tag on the handle adds grip and makes it easy and more comfortable to use, even during heavy rainfall. The wooden handle connects firmly to the fiberglass shaft and ensures the umbrella is sturdy and doesn't shake during bad, windy weather. Right above the handle is the polished manual lock to control the open & close of the umbrella.

Handle details of the grey gentleman's windproof umbrella


The gentleman's umbrella is able to hold very well in heavy winds. Thanks to the 16 enforced fiberglass ribs and solid fiberglass shaft, the umbrella can withstand winds up to 44mph or 20m/s. The ribs are bendable and are hard to break even during stormy weather. Because of the quality materials, the umbrella only weighs 1.48lb or 675g, which is 40% less than it would with standard materials. Due to its fairly lightweight, the grey gentleman's windproof umbrella is easy to hold for longer periods without arm fatigue.

Windproof skeleton of the grey gentleman's umbrella


The fabric used on the umbrella is among the best on the market. 210T pongee fabric with a water-repelling coating is UPF 50+ rated and offers broad protection from the rain, wind, and sun. The fabric is carefully sewn into place and made to last a long time.

The grey gentleman's umbrella is windproof and offers an unmatched, traditional user experience. The added modern materials, like the fiberglass skeleton and refined wood handle, make it even more convenient and luxurious than your average classic umbrella. If you are looking for a true umbrella for the modern gentleman, this is the best choice by far.